• ALIEN X-Series LED Light Bars
  • ALIEN AERO LED Mini Lights
  • ALIEN PROTO LED Compact Lights
ALIEN LED Lights & Light Bars : Jeep - Off-road
ALIEN LED Lights & Light Bars : Jeep - Buggy - Rock Crawler - Off-road - Race Truck - Raptor
ALIEN LED Lights & Light Bars : Jeep - Toyota - Hummer - Ford - Chevy - Dodge - Offroad

Jeep LED Light Bar

ALIEN LED Lights & Light Bars : Mining - Construction - Agriculture
ALIEN LED Lights & Light Bars : Marine - Boat - Waterproof - Homeland Security
ALIEN LED Lights & Light Bars : Hummer - HMMWV - Humvee - Military - Defense - Police- Sheriff - Government


Designed from the ground up to deliver performance and durability, ALIEN LED Lights and Light Bars perform in the harshest environments, always producing the brightest light.


ALIEN LED Lights and Light Bars have an operational life of over 50,000 hours and operate at over 90% efficiency. This translates into longer service life and lower current draw than conventional lighting. Whether you need light for your 4x4, off road, ATV, UTV, mining, defense, military, marine, agriculture, fire, police, or commercial vehicle, LED technology is the proven performer.


Latest state-of-the-art designed parabolic reflectors and lenses ensure that our LED lights and light bars produce the light you need. High speed signal processors drive the LEDs to over 90% efficiency. An IP67 and IP68 ingress protection rating ensures that whatever nature throws at them ALIEN LED Lights are always ready to perform.


High power LEDs produce heat and our advanced design cooling fins keep our LED lights and light bars running cool even under prolonged continuous use. Cooler lights run more efficiently, with a consistent light output, and an increased life span, ensuring years of trouble free operation and performance.


Utilizing ALIEN iXT Technology along with our advanced focusing lenses and cooling designs mean ALIEN LED products are always ready to perform at peak performance - performance when you need it and where you need it.


Whether you climb rocks in a Jeep or buggy, hit the trails in your Hummer or Toyota, blast over sand dunes in your Ford or Chevy, race your ATV or UTV across the desert, run missions from the FOB, or just need some serious light for work, you'll find ALIEN LED products flexible enough for your lighting needs.